How to Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service?

Every time you purchase an online security software or antivirus from the renowned brand, Norton, it asks you to create an account. Basically, this account helps you to view and manage the services you are availing. This account also holds your credit card or debit card information that you provide during the purchase.

To make it convenient for you, Norton enables the auto-renewal service for your Norton subscription. This means you don’t have to remember the date of expiration of your antivirus or other security solution installed to your device. This service could not be good for those who don’t want to continue with that particular security solution or want to switch to an upgraded Norton subscription.

You must be thinking when did you agree for the auto-renewal? It is when you ordered your Norton security software or antivirus. Still confused? Ok, at the bottom of the shopping cart, you might have seen a checkbox that required to be checked in order to precede the transaction. What you did was simply click the box to agree without even reading the complete details. This is where your card got dinged for the renewal.

To get rid of this situation, simply login to your Norton account, visit renewal center link at the top corner of the web page and cancel the auto-renewal for the specific products you want. Another way to stop auto-renewal is not to tick that checkbox and do the renewal manually, if required. Just make sure that you do this before the Norton subscription expiry in order to keep the online protection for your device ON. You can also do the same by calling the professionals.

This may also happen that you have already got charged for the Norton renewal, and want the complete refund. This is difficult, but thankfully, not impossible. Choose any of the below mentioned options:

  • Contact the toll-free number listed on your credit card or bank website
  • Use the online chat service available at Norton website
  • Fill out the Symantec cancellation form

For future, don’t forget to remove the credit card from your Norton account. This would help you save from further troubles.

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