How to Transfer Norton Antivirus to Another Device

Norton antivirus is one of the widely used security software across the globe. It is highly acclaimed for offering endpoint protection against all kinds of viruses lurking in the internet world. These viruses directly attack to your computer system with an intention of stealing your confidential information that you enter while accessing your bank account online. These viruses also have the ability to corrupt your data. And there are some viruses like Ransomware that can make you lose your data permanently, if you don’t pay them huge number of bitcoins as a ransom. To deal with all these viruses and phishing scams, Norton has come up with a great range of security solutions for Windows and Mac OS.

That is why installing a Norton antivirus on your PC has become this much important. If you are already protecting your laptop, desktop, tablet or Mac with Norton security and want to transfer the same security to some other device, then please note that you can do this without any hassle. This feature is a boon for those switching from their old device. With this, you don’t need to purchase new security software for your new device. To do so, you need to follow some simple steps that have been mentioned below:

  1. Visit Norton website to download the same product again
  2. Re-install it on the new device
  3. Go to the main screen in Norton antivirus
  4. Click Activate Now
  5. Hit the Next button
  6. In My service PIN field, provide the pin number, provided to you by your service provider
  7. In case, you have purchased the antivirus online, check your email ID for the pin
  8. Click Activate and you will see two options:
  • Purchase a new license
  • Transfer a license
  1. Under the second option, find the computer from which you want to transfer the license
  2. Click Deactivate

This will deactivate the Norton security from your old computer and activate it to the new computer. For any help, contact team and get the best solution by a certified technician.

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