How do I protect from information-stealing ad library risk?

With the increase in number of viruses, there has been observed a big hike in the demand of advanced and smarter security solutions. In addition to the viruses like Ransomware (that most of the users are aware of now), there are some threats every user needs to know about. One such threat that has been recently discovered is Trojan Android Ad Library, called Xavier.

This library silently steals your personal information and leaks it to the other users/organization for the sake of money. The impact of the Xavier has been observed in different countries. Based on the data from a reputed source, it has been detected that more than 800 applications built-in the library’s SDK (software development kit), which has been downloaded thousands of times from Google Play Store. The information Xavier collects and then use for making money are:

  • Device ID
  • E-mail ID
  • SIM card operator
  • Installed apps
  • OS version

Xavier, the malicious ad library do all this without letting the user know. Below mentioned are the steps for protecting your information from this harmful threat:

  1. Before you download any app from the Google Play store, make sure what permission it is taking from you
  2. If you have already downloaded so many applications (that most of us do) and want to change their permissions in order to stop the Xavier stealing your info then open your mobile phone settings. You will find an option of Permissions. Check every option in it and set it as per your convenience
  3. Choose any of the antivirus plan in order to ensure the complete privacy of your data and protection of your device from viruses, malware, spyware and other online attacks
  4. You can go for Norton’s particular plan tailored for the mobile devices. This plan is known as Norton mobile security. With it, you can also make the use of the app advisor for Android to scan the bad apps that tend to steal your information. This protection is given before downloading such bad apps to your mobile phone.
  5. With Norton app advisor, a feature of Norton mobile security, you can an instant notification if there is any specific privacy risk, data plan usage, excessive battery drainage or intrusive behavior of applications occurs.


Keep on checking your financial accounts for suspicious activities, including the transactions you didn’t make (even if it is of very small amount). Put an instant security freeze on your credit report, if you find any suspicious activity.

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